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Hi, I am Aditya Kumar

I marry product, growth and engineering teams for a living.

In the last 14 years, I have-

  1. Worked on some of the most complex technology systems you can build - Media streaming, real-time communication, code compilation engines, high-frequency trading, virtual currencies and social networks.

  2. Co-founded and scaled up an EdTech company to $2 Million in ARR without any venture capital. (Fully Bootstrapped)

  3. Served over 20 Million unique users through various systems I architected from scratch.

I am experienced in training and leading engineering teams to build scalable technology products from scratch (Web and mobile). I love solving business and user problems by combining product thinking, GTM strategies and technology-first solutions.

If you feel I can be of help or you can be of help to me- Feel free to reach out to me on

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